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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Twitter Daily Updates for 2012-07-31

Barack Obama's campaign ad "explaining" #YouDidntBuildThat is deceitful spin from a selfish, obsessive liar. # Business owners battle Catch 22 in #Obamacare which denies their religious freedoms, @HeritageFoundation # As #God is my witness, I swear I will never sell my soul and #freedoms to the #Democrats in return for their utopian fantasies and […]

Twitter Daily Updates for 2012-07-30

The #UnitedStates has spent nearly 250 years defending itself from #tyranny only to have it handed over willingly to tyrants from within. # #liberals seem to have a problem distinguishing between responsible speech, that furthers understanding, and angry wish magic. # The more vocal #liberals become, the more useless, dishonest and futile is their cause. […]

Twitter Daily Updates for 2012-07-28

The human world is deep on its way into spiritual and intellectual ruin, the biological self-extinction of humanity isn't far behind. #

Twitter Daily Updates for 2012-07-26

In 2008, #Obama rode to glory on a wave of cult worship and lies. In 2012, he'll ride the same wave out of the #WhiteHouse and into infamy. # Enthusiasm for #Obama was so high in 2008 that some predicted we would see a cure for cancer during his term. More like a personality cult. […]

Twitter Daily Updates for 2012-07-25

#liberals are building an evil, dystopian state from a foundation of lies, hate, materialism, and the elimination of individual freedoms. # "I underestimated how politics trumps problem-solving" – #Obama continues to blame others for his inept leadership and missing homework. # Blind loyalty to #Obama is so complete, #liberals are conjuring up unbelievable excuses to […]

Twitter Daily Updates for 2012-07-24

Why can't "peace loving progressives" stop shrieking their bigoted hatred at conservatives and christians with honest opinions? # #Obama has nothing good to say about Romney's experience and performance in office … because Obama has nothing good to say about his own. # #Liberals have evolved beyond the need for hate, unless you're a CEO, […]

Twitter Daily Updates for 2012-07-23

#YouDidntBuildThis Which came first, the Ford Motor Company and mass production of automobiles, or the national highway infrastructure? # #Lliberals are nothing but armchair dictator-wannabees demanding a utopian free-lunch in return for your wealth, freedoms and rights. # #Liberals don't love freedom, they love kings and tyrants dressed in pretty wrapping paper promising candy only […]

Twitter Daily Updates for 2012-07-21

Why is the leftist knee-jerk reaction to these sorts of tragedies always "Blame the gun-toting, right-wing militia tea baggers?" # Why is the knee-jerk reaction of leftist nut jobs to these sorts of tragedies always "Blame the gun-toting, right-wing militia tea baggers?" #

Twitter Daily Updates for 2012-07-20

#YouDidntBuildThat and neither did #Obama Arrogant, ungratefull men should be thankful for what God has given you, # Steny Hoyer is an ideological liar, food stamps and unemployment insurance are not "stimulus", they're a life preserver # #Obama now urges his supporters to hit the mute button when Republican campaign ads air. Unapproved ideas […]

Obama and Warren argue against limitations on Big Government

Obama’s “You Didn’t Build That” credo is more than an excuse to raise your taxes, it’s a call for larger government, increased spending and the abandonment of constitutional limitations on the power of government. Elizabeth Warren comes to the defense of our country’s Supreme Leader by arguing that NO ONE can be successful without the […]