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Monthly Archives: November 2010

The people rise up…

Sometimes I wonder if Obama is just trying to see how far he can push and divide the American public while his surrogates in the mainstream media barrage the public with disinformation from the other direction. Top down and bottom up. Oh… and why is it the words “Obama administration” and “TSA abuses” are never […]

Jay Rockefeller wants to shut down Fox News…

Jay Rockefeller embodies the very soul of the Democrats, “Use government to shut down critical voices that don’t agree with our message and impose our will on the people.” Democrats see government as CONTROL, not empowerment for the people, but control OVER the people. Rockefeller is nothing but a petty dictator wannabe and should loose […]

Glenn Beck: Where’s the common sense?

Something is not right with the TSA story. The Obama administration is deploying full body scanners and ramping up new intrusive “pat down searches”, which to many constitute significant violations of personal privacy… and yet the mainstream media seem to be dismissing this latest intrusion of government into our private lives as a non-event. Why […]

First healthcare, now the food supply…

Senate Bill 510, which will soon go up for a vote in the full senate, will (if voted into law) restrict the freedom of citizens to grow and distribute their own food. With this new law, the federal government would then have direct legislative control over: 1) Food 2) Healthcare 3) Money 4) Air and […]

What were they thinking?

It doesn’t take a particularly trained eye to notice the obvious similarity of the European Union headquarters building to the famous Tower of Babel as depicted by Pieter Brueghel the Elder. Similar in intent and function too: unite mankind under rulers by undermining human freedom and individuality… European Parliament Building Tower of Babel My take […]

Glenn Beck: History is repeating itself (part II)…

Anytime the people of the world unite as one people, they invariable unite under a man-made authority and the losers become the people themselves. The lessons are all there in the Bible and the same tragic patterns are being repeated again and again and again. Yesterday it was The Tower of Babel, today its the […]

Glenn Beck: History is repeating itself (part I)…

Do you want to be part of the problem or a part of the solution? You have a choice to make… which side will you be on? Time to make a decision… The Transcript

Spill panel: No evidence of saving $ over safety

Ok liberals, read it and weap… BP did *not* trade safety for profits, or deliberately skimp on safety. No fat-cat CEOs cackling to themselves as the dollars flow in. Nope… just people who made mistakes in a dangerous industry where big things can go wrong in a big way… BP not guilty of trading safety […]

What Happened to 3.5 Million Workers, Mr. President?

“Durden says, “labor force participation has now dropped to the lowest rate it has been since 1984, at 64.5%. Assuming a reversion to the long-term average participation rate of 66%, means that the civilian labor force is in reality 157.4 million as opposed to the disclosed 153.9 million, a delta of 3.5 million currently unaccounted […]

America Not Greatest Nation Due To TEA Party Fools

Politico’s Michael Kinsley Goes Full Unhinged: American Not Greatest Nation Due To TEA Party Fools… Got that? If you voted for the most inexperienced and incompetent President ever, and realize that you really, really, really f***ed up beyond belief and now support someone who’s ideas are more than lollipops and unicorn poots, you’re a fool, […]