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Republicans get to sit “in the back of the bus”

In an obvious reference to Rosa Parks, Our Dear Leder has declared the Republicans as unfit to sit anywhere except in the back of the bus….

A Rosa Parks Moment

Republicans gotta sit in the back

Obama is one silver tongued devil

Geeze could Barack Obama have condemned his enemies with a more insulting and racially tinged comment…? Hey stay tuned and maybe we’ll find out!

I find Obama’s comments less offensive as a racial epithet than it is symptomatic of Our Dear Leader’s authoritarian and partisan style, and intent for the remainder of his presidency. Barack Obama has NO INTENTION of reaching across the aisle, either to compromise with Republicans or to retune his policies.

Obama is not only a narrow and blinkard man, he’s an emotional child. Unlike Bill Clinton, Barack Obama will not reevaluate his own behavior and policies and enact “change”, no Obama is uncompromising like some third world communist dictator… and it isn’t on the basis of principles, Obama simply wants what he wants.

Not a “uniter.”

Not a “post racial” president.

Certainly not bipartisan.

And NO intention of “change.”

Barack Obama is as emotionally inept as he is politically naive.

If Republicans sitting in the back of the bus and going along for the ride…. maybe someone should inform Our Dear Leader that Obama isn’t in the driver’s seat and his Congressional Democrats got off the bus miles back.