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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Hey Dems, your liberal agenda SUCKS!

“”I think the message is unmistakable that the Obama agenda is dead. The only question is how much of it is going to be repealed and how much Obama will be willing to concede…” Krauthammer – Obama Agenda is Dead

Will Obama “change?”

The punishment to Obama’s agenda and future plans was indeed epic, so will Our Dear Leader reconsider his ideological principles, repent and “change” for the good of the people? Hell no… Our Dear Leader is the one strong leader that we poor dumb slobs need for direction and governance! And I dare say his liberal […]

Glenn Beck: The Hard Work Is Just Beginning

What’s happening behind the scenes is much more important than the show we’re watching on stage… The post election political theatre…,2933,602083,00.html

Daily Kos taints the election with a Google bomb…

“The idea behind the Google bomb was to drive negative articles about Democrats in key races onto the front page of Google’s search rankings. Then, when undecided voters did research on those candidates, we were hoping that they’d see the articles and choose to vote for the Republican. The goal was to drive anywhere from […]

Payback’s a bitch…

The Republicans now own the House of Representatives, where legislation starts. Democrats will control the Senate but only by a slim margin. So when the time comes to filibuster any bills coming to the Senate guess whose going to get all the scrutiny for being “the party of no?” And unless Our Dear Leader has […]

A truly historic election…

Veteran Democrats are going down like flies: Russ Feingold and Alan Grayson are history (good riddance Alan Grayson). States that have been dominated by Democrats for decades have now voted in Republicans. I’m impressed by how many of these senior congressmen are being cut down like cord wood. Three Democratic committee chairs — Reps. John […]

The Score

House: Republicans 153 Democrats 99 Senate: Republicans 43 Democrats 45 Republicans are making gains with contested seats in both the House and the Senate… many in blue collar districts. Blue dogs are getting knocked off in favor of Republicans too. Wow Russ Feingold just bit the dust. I can hardly wait to see what happens […]

Steny Hoyer lectures the little people…

“How dare you little people be fearful! Just because the economy is mostly stagnant, with a meager 2% third quarter GDP, a measure is actually slowing, and unemployment at 9.6%. It was 9.5% when the “great recession” ended in June 2009….”

Liberal economics is an evil, selfish, unjustifiable lie.

Oh I see… The Bush tax cuts for the rich will cost the American taxpayer a whopping $700 billion. But Obama’s tax cuts for the middle class will cost the American taxpayer a mere $1.57 trillion. The middle class tax cuts don’t have to be “paid for” because these tax cuts will have a “tangible […]

Glenn Beck: Beck challenges Connecticut’s attorney general…

Glenn Beck challenges Connecticut’s attorney general to identify law AIG executives broke in accepting bonuses. When asked “what law did the AIG executives break when they received bonuses?” Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal couldn’t cite any law on the books but rather claims that AIG execs “were undeserving of their bonuses.” Blumenthal is expressing his […]